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Presentation of Newly Developed Products using Kyo Yuzen Dyeing Techniques

Exhibition of Kyoto Yuzen Sarees new collection

Kyoto Thursday 13 to Saturday 15 October 2022 at Kyoto City KYOCERA Museum of Art

Tokyo Friday 13 to Sunday 15 January 2023 at Shibuya Hikarie 8/ 01/COURT

Overseas Exhibition Held in India and other countries.

From Kyoto to the world. Kyo Yuzen Dyeing (Kyoyuzen) and new-age craftsmanship for diverse markets.

The Kyoto Yuzen Dyeing (Kyoyuzen) area is in a critical situation due to changes in consumer awareness of kimono, sluggish consumption and a sharp decline in the size of the market, as well as changes in economic activity following the Covid-19 epidemic.
Our strength is the production of small-lot products, especially tailor-made production systems, which can meet all kinds of consumer needs by making use of diverse and advanced technical techniques. Therefore, in this project, we aim to develop new markets by proposing products for the world market, making use of this feature of being able to offer the ultimate original products.

The following three groups will be presenting their works in Kyoto, Tokyo and India.

  • Project to develop overseas markets through the development of saris products

  • Project to develop new markets through the development of fully custom-made dress fabrics

  • Project to develop new interior design products and cultivate inbound markets

Please take a look at these works, which give a new twist to traditional Kyo Yuzen Dyeing.

​Organised by Kyoto Cooperative Association of KOUGEISENSHO
Sponsored by Kyoto Prefecture​

Saris made with Kyo Yuzen Dyeing
Wrap yourself in Japanese beauty

Kyo Yuzen Dyeing (Kyoyuzen) is a craft produced with water from local rivers in Kyoto. The final washing used be done using the clean water from the Horikawa, Kamogawa and Katsuragawa rivers; Kyo Yuzen Dyeing ateliers were dotted around those rivers at that time. 
Kyo Yuzen Dyeing, which gorgeously reflects the beauty of nature from season to season on silk, not only inherits the spirit and techniques of tradition, but also adds the refined sensibility of the masters living in that era, and can be said to be the crystallization of beauty through ultimate refinement. 

“Tradition and Innovation”. These are the terms that often used when describing Kyoto as a city.
In the traditional asset, there is a strength that has been through many phases of era, and at the same time, there is a process that has been challenging those changing phases without hesitation. That is what made the Kyo Yuzen Dyeing colourful, sophisticated, and graceful, and these are among the aesthetics of Kyoto.

We, as Sensho masters, are exploring new expressions everyday in order to find the next potential beauty.

On this occasion, we created the new intire products created include the sari, an Indian folk costume, broadcloth for haute couture and bed runners, using the Kyo Yuzen Dyeing (Kyoyuzen) techniques involved in the Japanese folk costume, the Kimono.


*The works pictured are for reference only.


Kyoto Exhibition

at Kyoto


October 2022.

13 (Thursday) 10:00-18:00

14 (Friday) 10:00-18:00

15 (Saturday) 10:00-16:00


Kyoto City KYOCERA Museum of Art, 2nd floor South corridor

124 Enshojicho, Okazaki, Sakyo Ward, Kyoto City

Venue website


  • About 8 minutes on foot from Subway Tozai Line "Higashiyama Station"

  • About 16 minutes on foot from Keihan Railway "Sanjo Station" or Subway Tozai Line "Sanjo Keihan Station"

  • City Bus No. 5, 46, 86 Get off at "Okazaki Park Art Museum/Heian Jingumae"

*Please use public transportation to the venue.

Google Maps

Price: Admission free

Tokyo Exhibition

at Tokyo


January 2023.

13 (Friday) 14:00-19:00

14 (Saturday) 11:00-19:00

15 (Sunday) 11:00-16:00


Shibuya Hikarie 8/ 01/COURT

Shibuya Hikarie 8F, 2-21-1 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

Venue HP


  • Directly connected to JR Line/Keio Inokashira Line "Shibuya Station" via passageway on the 2nd floor

  • Directly connected to Tokyo Metro Ginza Line "Shibuya Station" on the first floor

  • Directly connected to Exit B5 of "Shibuya Station" on the Tokyu Toyoko Line, Den-en-toshi Line, Tokyo Metro Hanzomon Line, Fukutoshin Line

*Please use public transportation to the venue.

Google Maps

Price: Admission free

Flyer (PDF)


Overseas ​Exhibition of Kyoto Yuzen Saris 1

2 and 3 December 2022
Bangalore, India


Overseas Survey and Presentation of Kyo Yuzen Broadcloth 1

2 and 9 October 2022
London, UK (Japan House and other venues)


Overseas ​Exhibition of Kyoto Yuzen Saris 2

13 and 14 January 2023
Delhi, India


Overseas Survey and Presentation of Kyo Yuzen Broadcloth 2

10 and 11 November 2022
Paris, France (Bastille Passage Lhomme)

The promotional video“Saris made with Kyo Yuzen Dyeing”Japanese Ver.

The promotional video
“Saris made with Kyo Yuzen Dyeing”English Ver.

Item gallery

The items created for this project are presented here by genre. Click on each photo to see the detail page.

If you see an item you like, please contact us via the Inquiry Page.
A staff member will contact you by email.

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